Manual Wafer / Device Probe Systems For DC & HF Applications

SemiProbe produce a range of manual probe systems suitable for Universities, Research & Development facilities, Laboratories and for low volume testing & characterisation requirements, including the cost-effective LAB Assistant and Probe System For Life (PS4L).

Manual Probing Equipment For Wafer/Device Probe In DC or HF Configurations Up to 200mm / 8"

SemiProbe LAB Assistant Manual Prober

The low-cost LAB Assistant is available in either DC or HF configurations for 6″ or 8″ wafers / devices and includes all the options required to start testing, out-of-the-box.

The modular Probe System For Life (PS4L) platform, unique to SemiProbe, can be configured according to budget or initial requirements for components up to 300mm. This capability allows the system to be field upgraded with enhanced testing features or levels of automation.

Further information on SemiProbe’s equipment can be found on the Inseto website: